kevin and kara

About Kevin & Kara

We are Kevin & Kara, two Accountants who sold our house and left the corporate world so we could explore North America in our motorhome, Pippi.  To learn more about Pippi, check out this page.

We met in 2001 while studying accounting at East Carolina University in Greenville, NC. We’ve lived in the southeast US (North Carolina, Florida, and Georgia) for the majority of our lives with a 3-year detour through London, England on our way to Texas

Our personalities are Type A by most standards; we are great strategists and detail-oriented planners. We planned and saved for decades to gain the freedom to wander while we are young enough to fully enjoy it. 

Shortcut to Retire Early

There was no shortcut or trick that allowed us to leave full-time work before 40. In short, we saved more than we spent. We were also blessed with college educations and well-paid professional careers.

I like to tell people that I saved fifty cents of every dollar I ever made. That might be an exaggeration but not by much.

How We Retired in our 30s

Investing, as much money as possible, was the key for us. We had second jobs and side hustles. We paid cash for big purchases and tracked every penny of inflows and outflows. We knew from our business background that we couldn’t manage what we didn’t measure.

For the most part, we created our own financial plan with a mix of guidance from others. For the first decade, we did use the Dave Ramsey cash envelope system to easily manage our budget. However, we didn’t find much other Dave Ramsey advice that fit our plan.

We skipped activities that didn’t fit into our long-term plan. I can relate to the quote “live like no one else so you can live like no one else”.

How We Spend Our Time

Together, we enjoy scuba diving, mountain biking, kayaking, and hiking. Kevin is a more experienced biker and diver but I enjoy both.

Also, I (Kara) like to read in my spare time and finish around a hundred books per year, both fiction and non-fiction.

Now we are taking life one day at a time and just Trying to Unwind.  We are currently traveling throughout North America in our motorhome, Pippi. 

Why We Share?

We want to inspire others to SPEND LESS and DO MORE.

We hope our minimalist lifestyle and frugal travel stories will encourage others to travel and make memories regardless of their budget.

And honestly, we also share stories and photos as a way to memorialize the amazing experiences we’ve had along the way.

Join our journeys and let us inspire your next trip.  

Thanks for checking out our site.

Lots of love,

Kevin and Kara