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Gypsy Guides GPS based Audio Tours

I cannot imagine visiting a National Park without Gypsy Guide. after our first experience at Yellowstone. Gypsy is a GPS audio guide that educates and entertains visitors of all ages. Gypsy tells stories, gives directions, makes hiking and sightseeing recommendations and more for the most popular National Parks. Most parks are available for $10 or less and will save you a lot of wasted fuel and energy navigating the park.

We pay full price for the Gypsy Guide tours (no discounts or sponsorships) and LOVE them.

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TSD Logistics Diesel Fuel Savings Card

Our motorhome fuel tank capacity is 125 gallons so each fill-up makes a big dent in our budget. We do everything we can to save money on fuel and maximize our budget. The TSD diesel fuel card is one of the many tools in our arsenal. Please use remember to enter Trying to Unwind in the referral field of the application.

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Escapees & Xscapers RV Club

Escapees and Xscapers are both parts of the same RV club. It’s a great resource for RV-related education and services. We have used Escapees mail service since 2017 and would recommend it. Most of our RV friends have been made through Xscapers and at their great events.

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Harvest Hosts and

During our first year of full-time RV travel, we were Harvest Host members. We loved the ability to stay at farms, vineyards and more overnight. Most locations were destinations in and of themselves. And we made some great memories. I recommend every RV try Harvest Hosts at least once. If you sign up using our link, you’ll get $15 off your first year of membership.

Currently, we have a Boondockers Welcome membership (same parent company as Harvest Hosts) which allows multiple night stays on private property. We find it works better for our travel style than single-night stays.

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Acuva Water Purification

We have an under sink mounted Acuva UV water treatment system. Thanks to this and our in-line water filters, we can safely drink our tap water regardless of the source. We even drank the water in Mexico.

Use coupon code “TryingToUnwind” for 10% off your entire Acuva order

RV Water Filter Store

We purchased our three-canister water filter system so we could safely drink our tap water. Combined with our Acuva UV water purification system, we can drink water from everywhere, even Mexico.

Spread The word about Getting Clean Water on the Road!

Use coupon code “pipp15” for 15% off your entire order on

Lion Lithium Battery

We purchased our Lion Lithium battery bank in 2018 (six batteries) as part of our solar upgrade project. After seeing other lithium brands advertising with all of the RV influencers, we were honestly turned off. Plus Lion Energy offered a superior product for a lower price point.

Since upgrading to solar and lithium, we’ve camped offgrid more often than not and we don’t regret the investment for one minute. Otherwise, we would have missed the beachfront spots in Baja or the amazing National Forests near our National Parks.

Lion has a limited warranty on their batteries and we have had them replace a faulty battery years after purchase without any pushback.

Use our exclusive coupon code “kl” to apply a 15% off your entire order on

Siteground Webhosting

This website is hosted by siteground. If you are interested in creating your own website, consider Siteground. Their customer service has bailed me out on multiple occasions including restoring my site when I accidentally deleted it early on. You’ll get discounted rates below for using our link.

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