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What Does Trying to Unwind Mean?

Originally Posted November 2019
Edited and Migrated February 2021

What does Trying to Unwind mean? As we transition into full-time RV travel, we are working every day to slow down, relax and enjoy the moment. In short, we are just Trying to Unwind.

Who is Trying to Unwind?

We are two accountants who have been planning our exit strategy since our early 20s. My name is Kara and my husband is Kevin. We are 40 and retired. No, we didn’t inherit a fortune or hit the lottery. We are planners and have been blessed with great careers in corporate America.

Also, we have been living with purpose for the past 15 years to make our dream a reality. We never drove expensive cars or bought designer clothes; we had a plan and we stuck to it. It was not glamorous or sexy but most of life is not.

Emotionally Afraid to Retire

Now that we’d reached the goal line I was having an emotionally tough time adjusting to the idea of my new reality. I have 3 weeks of work left and that is the weirdest feeling.

I have been employed since I was 15 years old and my career is a big part of my identity. After spending 6 years in college and 18 years working in Accounting and Finance, I had an identity. I was a Finance Director, and I was good at my job (or so I have been told).

When you meet someone new they usually ask ‘what do you do’? Whether you acknowledge it or not, our jobs define us.

No One Wants An Accountant’s Haircut

I am an accountant and I am married to an accountant. This title describes me and yet it does not capture my whole person. Yes, I plan my life in spreadsheets. But as a great friend once told her new hairstylist “I don’t like telling people I am an accountant because then they think I want an accountant’s haircut”. Word to the wise – no one wants an accountant’s haircut.

Retirement Syndrome: More Than An Accountant

As I struggle with retirement syndrome, I keep reminding myself I am more than an accountant. However, the reality is I am a type-A person who loves to plan.

I plan my grocery shopping to eliminate food waste (we only have one planet) and maximize my budget. I volunteer to plan vacations for friends and family (in spreadsheets of course). Everything is on a list or a calendar reminder. I admit I am what most people would describe as high strung in many parts of my life.

Stereotypical Accountant Personality

My husband is also a type-A personality but in a different way. He has more of a laid back personality but loves researching and is meticulous in everything he does. He was offended when I described our blog as two Type-A personalities just Trying to Unwind.

Kevin did not believe he was a Type A or that anyone would describe him as being wound tightly. I asked how he would respond if I rearranged one of our meticulously organized cabinets. I think he realized that maybe he is wound a little tighter than most.

What does Trying to Unwind mean?

Without corporate jobs dominating our identities, we are working to transition into a new way of thinking about our lives. We’re planning to start by exploring North America in our motorhome and strive every day to slow down, relax and enjoy the moment.

Join us on our journey as we try to attempt to find out ‘What does Trying to Unwind Mean?”.

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