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RV fuel is one of the largest expenses on roadtrips. Commercial fuel fleet programs offer substantial discounts on diesel fuel. Based on our experience, TSD Logistics offers the best diesel fuel card for RV owners. We have saved on fill-ups throughout the country and you can too. Does it sound too good to be true?

There are some downsides to the TSD fuel savings program so this isn’t the only tool in our arsenal.

For other methods we use to save on RV fuel, check out How to Find the Best RV Fuel Savings: 7 Simple Ways To Maximize Your Roadtrip Budget.

The TSD diesel discount fuel savings card program for RV owners can be a little confusing so we have summarized everything you need to know. We also share our honest, long-term experience with the program.

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TSD Diesel Fuel Card Offers Big Discounts to RV Owners

The TSD Diesel Discount Fuel Savings Card offers RV owners discounted rates at national truck stops like TA, Petro and Loves. We have found TSD fees to be transparent and reasonable.

They only get paid when you save money, unlike other companies MyDieselSavings which charge application fees or monthly membership fees. For that reason, we think TSD Logistics offers the best diesel fuel card for RV owners.

Some RV owners have both TSD and a MyDieselSavings membership but we only use the TSD diesel card at this time.

What is a fleet fuel program?

In my former corporate life, our fleet fuel was managed by a national company like TSD Logistics. They negotiated the fuel discounts, tracked detailed spending by the driver and created the payment infrastructure to make it all seamless to our employees.

Our company was able to focus on our primary business and didn’t have to waste energy trying to negotiate fuel discounts with multiple service stations.

RV diesel savings card

Most professional trucker drivers are part of a commercial fleet program that has negotiated lower group rates on diesel. TSD Logistics offers the same group discounts to RVers.

The TSD diesel fuel card is available to individual RV owners and independent truck owners. The program is not perfect but it does offer diesel fuel discounts at over 12,000 truck stops in North America. Truck stops are great for easy access but locations are generally only near major highways.

Pros and Cons of the TSD Diesel Discount Fuel Card for RV Owners

tsd rv diesel pros and cons graphic

Who runs the program?

TSD Logistics is the program administration but the card is issued by EFS.

This can be really confusing so I will attempt to simplify it.

TSD Logistics manages the pricing and customer relationship. EFS issues the cards and processes the payment on behalf of TSD. TSD will assist with all customer service issues.

Consider this relationship like a Bank of America credit card issued by VISA. Cardholders have a relationship with Bank of America but VISA enables the behind-the-scenes network to process payments.

Your card will have EFS printed on it but you’ll use the TSD Open Roads app to find the current discounted rates and participating locations. EFS Card Control app provides historic transaction-level details.

efs issues the tsd fuel savings card for rv owners

About TSD Logistics

TSD Logistics is a family-owned bulk transport company based in Texarkana, Texas. They are most well-known for transporting raw materials used in tire and rubber production. The transportation company prides itself on its strong Christian values.

In addition to bulk transport, they also offer logistics and supply chain, warehousing, NAFTA and cross-border services and fuel services.

The fuel services offered by TSD Logistics provide the benefits of a group discount to individual RVers and independent truck drivers. In short, that means RVers are getting fuel discounts at truck stops similar to professional truckers.

About EFS

EFS is the card issuer for TSD Logistics. They manage the payment processing and card services relationship with fuel stations. EFS is a global company that processes private label cards (i.e. not VISA) for many of the largest major oil refiners, transportation, governmental and service groups in North America.

Why should I get an RV diesel fuel savings card?

A fuel savings card will save you money on diesel fuel which is one of the most expensive parts of an RV road trip. For current national diesel rates by region, this government site is a great resource. It definitely reminds me how much diesel can add to your RV trip budget.

We like that there is no fee to apply and receive a TSD fuel savings card. Account-holders do not sign contracts or pay monthly fees. TSD only gets paid when they save you money.

Limitations to Know Before You Sign Up for am=n RV Diesel Fuel Card

  • Expect fuel savings at truck stops across the country but you must use the commercial truck lanes to get discounted diesel. Fuel pumped from the retail/car lanes will be charged at posted retail rates.
  • Gasoline is not eligible for TSD discounts.
  • No discounts on DEF (diesel exhaust fluid).
  • Discounts vary wildly. TA and Petro offer the biggest discounts.
  • Some stations charge a transaction fee. Fees range from $0.40 to $1. They can be seen along with the discounted rates in the location details section of the TSD Open Roads app.
  • Sometimes nearby retail gas stations are cheaper than the discounted rate at TSD locations. Always compare with GasBuddy for the lowest price.
  • Locations of commercial truck stations are generally near major highways. If you are taking a scenic route through country roads, don’t expect to find a participating TSD location with discounts.
  • Commerical diesel truck lanes have large high flow nozzles which might not fit in class B or C RV fuel tanks. Fill-ups are much quicker than retail pumps. If you have a small fuel tank opening and really want to use the truck lanes, the part can be replaced to accommodate larger nozzles. An adapter is also available to fit large fuel pump nozzles into car-sized fuel tanks but I’ve read poor reviews about fuel spillage and leaks. I would not recommend using an adapter.
  • Cards are limited to 950 gallons per day. I don’t expect this to be a problem for most RVers.

Surprise Benefit: No Fee Cash Advances

TSD advertises the average net savings are $0.30 per gallon. While on the West Coast, we found savings of $0.80 per gallon on the posted price which was also $0.40 cheaper than any other stations in the area.

One of the unexpected benefits, we have used is cash advances without fees. Our primary checking account is at a Southeast regional bank which means we have paid ATM fees to get cash in the West. When fueling, the pump offers the option for a cash advance.

The TSD fuel program offers up to $200 in daily cash advances with no additional fees. We’ve replenished our cash stash without any ATM fees thanks to this perk.

Where can I use the TSD card?

The TSD card can be used at most commercial truck stop lanes in North America. Always check the pricing on the TSD OpenRoads app (available on Android and Apple). Some TSD discounted rates are still higher prices than nearby retail gas stations.

TSD says the fleet fuel card can be used at more than 12,000 truck stop locations. We’ve found the best discounts at TA or Travel Centers of America and Petro. Pilot and FlyingJ are NOT part of the TSD fuel discount program.

You must use the commercial truck lanes to get the TSD discounted rates.

Can I use TSD Open Roads diesel savings card in Canada?

Yes, you can use your TSD Open Roads diesel card in Canada. You will be charged a $1 out-of-network transaction fee at Canada fuel pumps using the Open Roads card. This is especially helpful at cardlocks in Canada when you need fuel.

Can I use TSD Open Roads diesel savings card at cardlock pumps in Canada?

You can use your Open Roads RV fuel savings card at cardlock pumps in Canada.

Cardlocks are unmanned fuel pumps in Canada that accept fleet cards but not VISA or Mastercard. Cardlocks in Canada are primarily located in rural areas and used by commercial trucks. We found several cardlocks along the Alcan when there were not many fuel options. You’ll need to use the EFS app (not Open Roads) to see fuel prices at cardlock locations in Canada.

where can i use my tsd fuel card to save on rv fuel

When should I not use the TSD card?

Unfortunately, TSD isn’t always the cheapest option. Since we travel full time, diesel is one of our larger expense items and we shop for the best price. To learn how much we spend on fuel annually and other questions you might have about full-time RV living, check out the Top 23 Questions We Get Asked.

On some occasions, we’ve chosen to skip the TSD network location for a local station with lower retail prices.

We use the GasBuddy app to check retail prices when researching our next fill-up.  GasBuddy allows users to easily toggle between gasoline or diesel fuel and cash or credit pricing.

RV owners can find the best diesel prices by using GasBuddy before swiping their fleet card

Before driving our motorhome into a new gas station, I always check the Google map satellite view to make sure we can easily get in and out. Below is a sample RV route for a nearby retail gas station using Google maps.

google satellite view of rv route at gas station
RV route research using Google maps

How the TSD Diesel Discount Fuel Card for RV Owners Works

TSD Logistics uses the buying power of its large client base to negotiate fuel discounts with truck stops and fuel stations. As more RVers join this program and TSD fuel purchases increase, the bargaining power of TSD will grow. More RVers using a TSD fuel card will mean even better fuel savings.

Think of it like Walmart. Suppliers are willing to sell the same product to Walmart at a lower price because they know Walmart can sell millions of more units than a local mom and pop’s shop. The increased volume means even with lower revenue per unit, the company’s total revenue will be much greater than without Walmart.

How does TSD get paid?

TSD isn’t providing this service for free but their pricing is very transparent. They get paid by keeping a 10% cut of the negotiated savings. Don’t worry, even with the fees, the prices are often cheaper than other options.

TSD Diesel Fuel Discount Card Fees

Some stores charge a $0.65 transaction fee. We expect this every time so it’s a pleasant surprise when a store doesn’t charge this fee. The OpenRoads app (available on Android and Apple) lists the exact fees for each location.

Out-of-network stations charge a $1 transaction fee. Pilot and FlyingJ are the national chains we’ve found are out of network. Out-of-network stations offer no fuel discounts.

TSD gets paid by keeping 10% of the negotiated savings. They do not collect any additional fees to use the program.

If the posted price is $3.00 per gallon but the negotiated rate is $2.50 per gallon, then TSD keeps $0.05 per gallon or 10% of the savings. In this example, you’ll still pay $0.45 less per gallon than the posted retail price.

How much is the discount?

The discount varies.

The average fuel discount for RV owners using the TSD diesel discount fuel card is $0.30 per gallon. We found an $0.80 per gallon discount which was also $0.40 lower than any local retail price.

Be sure to always check the GasBuddy app to ensure the TSD discount is the cheapest diesel option on your route. Also, review the Google maps satellite view to ensure your rig can get into and out of the chosen station.

Actual Savings Example

actual savings example using TSD diesel fuel card

Application Process for the TSD Diesel Fuel Card for RV owners

To sign up for the TSD fuel program, apply online. If you apply using our link, we’ll receive a fuel credit after you’ve spent $500 in fuel. This costs you nothing.

Be sure to complete the application fully to prevent processing delays. Email for your application status or if you have problems with the online application form.

The card is issued by EFS but the program is managed by TSD Logistics. Consider this relationship like a Citibank credit card issued by VISA. Cardholders have a relationship with Citibank but VISA processes the payments.

Allow 3-4 weeks to receive your new fuel card. For a $20 fee, application processing can be expedited. For an additional $50 fee, your new card can be overnighted via FedEx.

tsd application

What do I need to apply for the TSD RV diesel fuel card?

The application requires two items that give many applicants pause: US banks account and your social security number.

US Bank Account

All transactions will be debited from your bank account within 2-5 business days of your transaction. You’ll need a United States bank account that allows ACH transactions from US-based companies.

If linking to your primary bank account makes you uncomfortable, some RVers have opened a separate no-fee checking account to fund their fuel. We used our primary checking account and have had no problems.

Social Security Number

A credit check is not performed for new TSD fuel program applications. Your social security number will only be used as a last resort if there is a problem with your bank account. At that point, your social security number will be used to collect funds due to TSD Logistics.

TSD’s fees are based on your actual fuel savings and are detailed below. There are no contracts or monthly fees with a TSD card. Applying for the TSD fuel savings program is free.

If you sign up for the TSD fuels savings program using our link, we will get $25 in fuel after you’ve spent $500 with TSD.

Adding “Trying to Unwind” in the referred by field on the application costs you nothing extra and will help fund our future adventures.

It’s a great, free way to say thanks for the free RV travel information we share on Trying to Unwind.

Sign Me Up to Start Saving on Diesel

Finding the Best Discounts

We’ve found the best discounts at TA and Petro locations. But we’ve found other regional truck stops with discounts that beat retail options. Always check GasBuddy to ensure TSD has the best pricing.

Using the Open Roads App

The TSD Open Roads app is available on Android and Apple devices. This app is the recommended way to find the most current fuel discounts.

TSD fuel program members should use the open roads app to locate RV fuel savings
OpenRoads app icon

In our experience, TSD honors the app prices. Customer service credited our account for the difference when we were charged a non-discounted retail rate and sent them a screenshot of the app pricing.

TSD Open Roads (available on Android and Apple) provides an easy way to search for discounted rates near your current location or along your upcoming route.

tsd open roads app makes it easy to search for rv diesel fuel for card holders

From the map view, click on a pinpoint to see details for the location. In the location details, you can view driving directions, current prices, applicable fees and discounts.

location details for rv diesel fuel for card holders

Tips for Paying at the Pump

Use the commercial fuel pumps in the truck lanes at in-network locations for the best RV fuel savings with your TSD fuel card. Diesel purchased from retail car pumps will be charged at retail prices.

Most truck stops have similar payment processes at their fuel pumps but some may vary slightly. Here are a few tips for paying at the commercial truck pumps:

  • Select “tractor fuel” since this means diesel is taxed for road usage. Reefer fuel is not subject to road taxes so do not select reefer or off-road.
  • If DEF is available, you’ll need to confirm if you want to purchase Diesel Exhaust Fluid. TSD does not offer discounts on DEF at this time but it can be charged to your card at the posted retail rates.
  • Confirm if you want a cash advance. Up to $200 can be withdrawn daily using your TSD card without incurring fees. The cashier inside the station will dispense the cash after you complete your transaction and pull past the pump.
  • Your control number is defaulted to the last 4 digits of your social security number but can be changed to a PIN of your choice.
  • If the pump asked for a unit number, enter 0000. This is used by companies with multiple drivers and vehicles on their accounts.
  • Ignore the amount shown on the fuel pump. You will be charged the discounted rate in the Open Roads app. We do keep our receipt until the correct amount is posted to our account details.

Card Settlement: Paying for RV diesel fuel

Within moments of pumping fuel, you can review transaction details on the EFS Card Control app. You will also receive transaction details via email within a few days. Both sources include gallons purchased, retail rate, discounts and offsetting fees.

Check the transaction details for accuracy as soon as possible. If charges are not aligned to the app prices, contact TSD immediately. We’ve had great experiences with their customer service.

Purchases made using your TSD fuel card will be debited from your bank account within 5 business days of the transaction. We typically see the transaction posted to our bank account within 2 business days.

If your bank account is charged an incorrect amount, contact TSD immediately to resolve the issue.

Transaction detail available in EFS Card Control app
Transaction detail available in EFS Card Control app

Summary: Best RV Diesel Fuel Card

Based on our experience, TSD Logistics offers the best diesel fuel card for RV owners. The program is not perfect but it has saved us hundreds of dollars on a necessity, diesel fuel for our motorhome. Our fuel savings has allowed us to have more adventures while spending less.

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